flexible Chinese dancer intensely and painful stretch training, extremely acrobat contortionist, calisthenics, gymnastic, contortion twist, triple foldbody, parkour, dancer, kungfu master and people compilation | more amazing compilations below.
extremely fold contortion VS flexible acrobatics, Shaolin iron palm and street magic

hand chopping marble, spanner -Shaolin iron palm in reality -best people got talent compilation 2018

Mario, Monkey King made from 20,000 poker dominoes -super entertained and stunning

incredible contortion of the week, top flexibility, gymnastics and soft people compilation

INSTANT REGRET -people do extremely PAINFUL, CRAZY and STUPID things -try not to look away

ULTIMATE painful contortion training and best contortion performance compilation

this Guy can balance almost everything -acrobat master balance show -the power of concentration

have you seen someone play snooker like this before?-best snooker demonstration

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